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Amelda Kaiba
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October 2008
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Amelda Kaiba [userpic]

Full Name: Amelda Alister Kaiba

[Part 1: Census Stats]

Nicknames: Ame-chan, Tiger, Red
Hair: red, semi-short (to chin, covers ears)
Eyes: silver-grey (two)
Height: 6'0" (TBD cm)
Weight: 177 lbs (TBD kgs)
Blood Type: AB, I think...
Ethnicity: Southern Slav, part Roma
Date of Birth: Apr 9, 1982
Zodiac sign: Aries
Age in RP: 22 (current as of this post)
Place of Birth: Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina
Calls Home: Wherever Seto is...
Currently Resides: Germany @ Zigfried's castle
Languages / Dialect: Way too many to list... (linguistic genius)

~ parents and relatives all deceased
~ Miruko, blood brother and adopted son
~ Seto Kaiba, husband
~ Mokuba, brother-in-law
Marital Status: Married to Seto

Academic Status: Dropped out of school three days before his tenth birthday - 4th grade
Occupation: to be a pain in the ass
Income / Resources: whatever Seto has...


[Part 2: Skills and Abilities]

Fighting: 7.5 - formal martial arts training in jujutsu and a little in kenjutsu, street fighter
Agility: 8.3 - flexibility; 8.8 hand/eye coordination
Strength: 6.6
Constitution: 5.9
Intelligence: 10.0 - Broca's area; 5.4 - everything else (not the brightest bulb in the lamp...)
Wisdom: 7.98 - good survival, street, and common sense smarts (survived war, living on teh streets, and a nomadic life)
Charisma: 8.4 - very charismatic, excellent impersonator, highly sociable (for the most part)
Willpower: 5.8 and climbing - had undergone lots of traumatic stress in life, but is working to build up his self-esteem and self-motivation
Magic: 4.00 - has ability to wield powerful magic (ie: Orichalcos), but doesn't have the constitution or willpower to control it more than it controlling him


Natural Talents:
~ linguistic genius
~ excellent impersonator
~ very limber, flexible, and agile
~ excellent hand/eye coordination
~ natural pain in the ass
~ mechanically-oriented, not technologically

~ all that pertains to war survival
~ gymnastics / martial arts
~ dueling
~ dancing (particularly erotic)
~ cooking
~ motorcycle riding
~ mechanics
~ piloting

~ whatever Seto has
~ Chaos Duel Disk
~ Duel Monster Cards
~ knives in hammer space


[Part 3: Personality]

Personality: Type A / ENFP

Demeanor: Typically is fiesty, sassy, and has a sharp tongue, highly curious, easily distracted, moody, can be very quick to explosive anger if the right buttons are pushed, but usually pretty easy going...

Nature: Extrovert, spontaneous, restless, searching for inner peace

Hobbies: are usually pretty spontaneous, for the most part, when they don't have anything to do with Seto...

Make-up: eye liner, mascara, lip gloss
Food: lamb bureks, chicken dumplings, baklava, filo dough, cookie dough, cream cheese, hummus, fresh baked breads, pasta, seafood, sushi, chocolate (preferred over vanilla), berries, cherries, squash, and spinach
Flower: blue roses, English bluebells, and daffodils
Colors: deep blue, wine red, wine purple, olive green, black, taupe, cherry red, white, and pink (in that order)
Fabric: leather, Vicuña, rabbit, wool, and denim
Drinks: wine, vodka, amaretto, liqueurs (especially chocolate), sake, plum rakija, cream soda, apple cider, cherry soda, water, turkish coffee, espresso, hot and cold tea, kefir, milk, and cream
Holidays: Božić (Christmas), Dan Državnosti (National Day – Bosnia), Children’s Day (Japan), and Kurban Bajram aka Hadžibajram (Eid ul-Adha)
Sports: Gymnastics – particularly the floor, swimming, and football (soccer)
Animals: tigers, domestic and wild cats, and gazelles (in that order)
Other: Karl Marx, Marshal Tito, bazaars, vibrators, bottom on top, Venetian beads, and vineyards

Make-up – anything that makes him look like a drag queen
Food: pineapples, vinegar, and bite-sized posh dinners
Flower: carnations, hibiscus, and any with a sickly sweet scent
Colors: dull colors, florescent neon colors, lime green, and yellow-green (in that order)
Fabric: hemp, polyester, and piña
Drinks: pineapple juice, gin, and cheap beer
Holiday: Видовдан (Vidovdan) and Dan Republike (Republic Day – Serbia)
Sports: basketball, polo, and golf
Animals: rats, mice, and koalas
Other: Sigmund Freud, Slobodan Milošević, pewter, port-o-potties, controlling tops, and cigarette smoke


[Part 4: Final Details]

Medical Conditions: PTSD, bipolar, schizophrenic

Dreams / Goals: abolish wars and promote world peace, love and a good life for all children

Fears / Phobias: losing all those he loves

Bosom Companions: Seto, Miruko, Mokuba, Yugi, Joey, Varon, Raphael, and Ziggy

Enemies: Griffin, currently

Quotes: "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?"

~ best fit: undisclosed
~ Please view this link for the character soundtrack. My apologies for it being incomplete.

Character Sheet Template written by Silverfox Ninja
Edited by Pearl of the Dark Age
Further compiled and edited by Una Morgan, with consultation by Yeti-sama

Current Location: Campus Library Computer Lab
Current Mood: lazylazy
Current Music: "Raqs El-Khail" (Dance of of the Arab Stallions) by Mostafa Sax
Amelda Kaiba [userpic]

Because LiveJournal is being a pain again, and I'm having enough trouble as it is with my husband losing his memories, worrying about demons attacking my family, my lousy *** life, and not to mention my caring for newly adopted seven-year-old son, I'm going to put my entire journal under "Friends Only" security. How would I be able to communicate to all my friends, especially in our hours of need if I get deleted?

*curses in Bosnian* LiveJournal is becoming too political for my taste. It's too bad, because it's worked out so well here. Don't worry, everybody! Amelda's not going anywhere! ^_^ The kids* can play around all they want, but they can't touch this! *snaps fingers*

So, my peeps, be logged in when reading your flist!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

~Amelda Kaiba

*Kids is Bosnian slang for politicians and the like.
(OOC: Comment in character!)

Current Mood: annoyedannoyed
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